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Webinars - Schools & Organisations

These webinars are vital CPD for all TISUK practitioners, schools and organisations.



Full Webinar: £149 for 60 day subscription

Running time 1hr 16mins mins



The webinar aims to empower supportive adults to help teenagers navigate the veritable minefield of sexual relationships: how to know when they are ready, how to have sex safely, consent, assertiveness, self- care, sexting, peer pressure, social media, hook-ups, harassment, revenge porn and how  to know the difference between sex that brings true connection and dehumanising sex that can leave you in acute emotional pain.  Without our help, young people will continue to get their education from sources such as porn hub or Instagram.

We need to empower teenagers with the psychological knowledge of human relationships so they can step back to reflect from an informed position, before entering this important stage in life. So, this webinar will support professionals who want help teenagers to do just that. The webinar is not about moralising but rather a fascinating look into the human condition, how we hurt or heal each other, and how trauma can play out in sexual relationships as can relational health through fun, play, love and caring.

So, the webinar is a must for those who want to provide teenagers with the best navigational skills to ensure that are not ‘thrown against the rocks’ in these crucial years and to make a successful transition to adulthood. Without the psychological safeguarding covered in the webinar, teenagers can all too easily move from innocent allure to intense emotional pain, making mistakes they regret for a lifetime.

Please note, this webinar is intended to be viewed by adults only.