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These awards are designed to enable schools to demonstrate that they have the highest level of Trauma Informed Practice embedded across their setting. There are 2 levels of Award available to apply for:

  • Mentally Healthy Schools and Organisations
  • Trauma and Mental Health Informed Schools and Organisations

Both awards require applicants to demonstrate the implementation of the following principles: Protect, Relate, Regulate and Reflect. In addition, applicants for the Trauma and Mental Health Informed Awards must have completed TISUK staff training and demonstrate the use of emotionally available adults to support children who have experienced trauma.


Up to 1000 pupils/students:  £1,165.00 effective 1st January 2024 (no VAT).

Over 1000 pupils/students:  £1,565.00 effective 1st January 2024 (no VAT).

Note: costs are based on 1 site location, if a school/organisation is located over multiple sites, all sites will need to be visited to be included in the assessment. This may incur additional cost so please let us know on application if you have more than one site.

See below for full details and download the application form here- 

Awards for Mentally Healthy, and Trauma and Mental Health-Informed Schools and Organisations Application Form 

TISUK Award Application Form

Please send your completed application form to along with your settings current Behaviour Policy.

Please note the Trauma and Mental Health Informed Awards application process involves the TISUK Implementation Checklist. This can be found in your TISUK Practitioner Handbook, or SLT Booklet.


Protocol for Addressing Concerns about Schools and Whistleblowing: 

On rare occasions TISUK is contacted by third parties who raise concerns about schools. These may or may not be schools that have been accredited by us and achieved our school award. The purpose of this protocol is to clarify the steps that TISUK takes in response to concerns raised, full details may be found here- 

Protocol for Addressing Concerns About Schools and Whistleblowing