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    Director of Innovation & Research

  • Julie Harmieson

    Julie Harmieson

    Director of Education & National Strategy

  • Dr Coral Harper

    Dr Coral Harper

    Director of Trauma Informed Schools Wales

  • Christine Davies

    Christine Davies

    Director of social change and community development

  • Rachel Toller

    Rachel Toller

    Director of Operations & Training

  • Julia Bird

    Julia Bird

    Director of Trainer Development & Quality Assurance

  • Katie Malley

    Katie Malley

    Strategic Lead: Safeguarding

  • Suzie Franklin

    Suzie Franklin

    Strategic lead: Awards & Consultancy

  • Jill Mahon

    Jill Mahon

    Strategic Lead: Impact and Implementation

  • Tracy Godfroy

    Tracy Godfroy

    Strategic Lead: Reflective Supervision

  • Dr Megan Klabunde

    Dr Megan Klabunde

    Developmental Neuroscientist

  • Dr Lynette Rentoul

    Dr Lynette Rentoul

    Clinical Psychologist/ Clinical Lead CAMHS NHS Commissioning Group

  • Jocelyne Quennell

    Jocelyne Quennell

    Multi-disciplinary Perspectives on Community Wellbeing

  • Paul Harris

    Paul Harris

    Family systems / Parent-Child therapy / Addiction / Looked after Children

  • Sheetal Amin

    Sheetal Amin

    Senior Consultant

  • David Taransaud

    David Taransaud

    Extreme Sexual & Physical Violence

  • Denice Tulloch-Johnson

    Denice Tulloch-Johnson

    ACEs impacting on early years, language, communication & play

  • Ellie Baker

    Ellie Baker

    TISUK Trainer

  • Dr Paul Sepping

    Dr Paul Sepping

    Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

  • Kate Anthony

    Kate Anthony

    Senior Consultant & Trainer

  • Alys Evans

    Alys Evans

    Training & Media Co-ordinator

  • Lindsay Winterbourne

    Lindsay Winterbourne

    Training & Operations Manager