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Whole Staff Training

Whole Staff Training

Whole staff training in Trauma and Mental Health-Informed Schools

(3 or 6 hour training)

On average children wait 10 years to get help for a mental health problem. (The Centre for Mental Health Report: Missed Opportunities: Children and Young People’s Mental Health 2016). So schools are left holding the baby. Yet research shows that many teachers feel frightened and de-skilled about working with child mental health issues. Two out of three teachers for example, are worried that if they talk to children who self-harm, it will make things worse. (Talking Self Harm Report, 2015) Furthermore 50 percent of teachers say their job is causing them severe stress (mostly because of children’s mental health problems) and many are leaving the profession as a result.

So this training, supported by over 1000 evidence-based research studies, is designed to empower school staff to understand the needs of children and teenagers who have suffered a trauma or have a mental health issue. Delegates will also learn what happens in Trauma and Mental Health Informed schools in terms of key relational approaches and interventions to positively impact the whole school culture 

  • The neuroscience and psychology of child and adolescent mental health and mental ill-health: what every teacher needs to know
  • Model One: ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) study and Protective Factors in schools that change children’s lives
  • Model Two: Professor Jaak Panksepp’s model of mental health, mental ill-health and theory of change
  • The role of emotionally available adults in schools: Benefit to staff and students
  • ‘I wish my teacher knew’ They want to tell us. Are we ready to hear
  • Key skills in responding to and understanding challenging and/or trauma triggered behaviour.





The Whole Staff training is offered as either a 3 or 6 hour session. The 3 hour training is only available online via Zoom, the 6 hour can be delivered online or we can send a trainer to come on a date and time that is convenient. The 3 hours training is run as a morning, afternoon or twilight session.  There is no limit on numbers and costs £995. The 6 hour face to face training includes breaks.  The cost is £1550 plus trainer expenses.

If you would like to make a booking please get in touch with us at and we can look at dates.   



We also have 2 Whole School Training webinars which provide even more content.  You can pause at any point, allowing time for discussion.  The total cost for the 2 Whole School Trianing Webinars is £449 which gives you a 2 month viewing window.  This allows staff to access the training at any time.  The two Whole School Training webinars are titled:  

  • Supporting Schools to Become Trauma Informed and Mentally Healthy For All  
  • Whole School Implementation of Trauma Informed Practice to Promote Mental Health Cultures For All 


"This training has changed the way I look at situations involving young people. It has widened my knowledge and understanding of people, their behaviour and what it means, giving me a better understanding of the human brain and the driving factors behind some behaviours." 

David Brailey-Evans

Neighbourhood Beat Manager

"I feel as if I have found a secret room in a house which I knew was there but which I couldn't find. I have found it in dreams but, on waking up, I knew it wasn't true. Now I am touching the door handle and I am awake! I cannot thank you enough. I feel different."

2020 Delegate

"I can honestly say that it was, by far, the best, most insightful, profoundly moving, expertly evidenced, endlessly interesting and fascinating, relevant and (as I’m sure will be testified to before long) most useful training I have received in my teaching career."

2020 Delegate

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