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Senior leads training

Senior Leads Training

This course is designed to support Senior Leads to implement trauma informed and mentally healthy practices into their schools. TIS UK recognises the importance of the commitment and determination of Senior Leads to fully embed any approach or cultural change. The course will ensure that Senior Leads have the knowledge, skills and understanding to optimise the well being of both adults and pupils in their school and drive this crucial cultural change. 

Schools who have attended the training have found that implementing the practices taught on the training has resulted in a reduction in fixed term and permanent exclusions, reduced the frequency of challenging behaviour and improved educational outcomes.

Delegates will gain a wealth of time and money saving effective ways of working with a child’s challenging behaviour and the mental health issues that block learning.

This course also provides a comprehensive overview of the 10-day course Diploma in Trauma and Mental Health Informed schools (practitioner status) enabling Senior Leads to fully support the TMHI practitioners they send on the Diploma course.  Many of these will then become the school’s Mental Health Lead.

The course aims therefore to positively impact on pupils, staff and the whole school culture. The highly innovative relational, regulatory and reflective skills are backed by over 1000 evidence-based studies in neuroscience and psychology. Each course is run by a psychologist, and senior educator.

What Senior Leads will gain from attending

  • Learn what trauma and mental health-informed schools do and how  they can save time, money,  improve behaviour and learning,  lower exclusions and reduce staff absence
  • Learn a wealth of interventions to support staff to ensure that they feel valued and nurtured thereby supporting positive mental health and improving staff retention.
  • Learn practical ways of supporting children/teenagers whose learning is interrupted by trauma or mental health problems and whose troubled behaviour may have become a barrier to learning for other pupils.
  • Learn key conversational skills to support children and teenagers with specific mental health issues.
  • Take away a wealth of ways of enabling children/teenagers to make the shift from expressing their painful life experience through challenging behaviour, to thinking about their trauma in conversation with trusted adults
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the models which underpin the Trauma-Informed Schools UK approach in order to embed key principles and skill sets within your setting.
  • Develop an understanding of the science of safety, social engagement and creating a psychological safe environment to promote learning
  • Learn how to support yourself, improve your own well being and become an effective stress regulator for others.
  • Feel more confident in distinguishing developmental trauma from possible diagnosis of ASD, ADHD and FAS and be able to challenge misdiagnosis.
  • Understand a child’s ACE scores (adverse childhood experiences), the significance of these and ways to address unmet relational needs.
  • Learn about the common trajectory from unprocessed traumatic grief to violence and often exclusion. Gain ways to support staff to interrupt this trajectory
  • Develop a better understanding of the skills adults need when children ‘need to tell’. Ensure that key school staff are ‘ready to listen’ effectively and with confidence.


"This training has changed the way I look at situations involving young people. It has widened my knowledge and understanding of people, their behaviour and what it means, giving me a better understanding of the human brain and the driving factors behind some behaviours." 

David Brailey-Evans

Neighbourhood Beat Manager


"I feel as if I have found a secret room in a house which I knew was there but which I couldn't find. I have found it in dreams but, on waking up, I knew it wasn't true. Now I am touching the door handle and I am awake! I cannot thank you enough. I feel different."

2020 Delegate


"I can honestly say that it was, by far, the best, most insightful, profoundly moving, expertly evidenced, endlessly interesting and fascinating, relevant and (as I’m sure will be testified to before long) most useful training I have received in my teaching career."

2020 Delegate


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