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Running time
One: 1h 34m Two: 1h 11m Three: 1h 52m

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About this webinar

Presenter: Dr Margot Sunderland 

This webinar is a must for anyone who works in early years settings. It addressed the latest neuroscience and psychology on the impact of both traumas of omission and traumas of commission with focus on presenting symptoms, prevention and intervention. By traumas of omission, we mean that the infant has missed out on sufficient positive relational experiences. These include a deficit in a)  conversational turns: key for language development and learning b) caring comforting interactions: key for the capacity to love in peace and to have felt-sense of ‘all is well in my world’ c) interactions that bring self-esteem, key for confidence, resilience and self-compassion d) interactions that establish stress regulatory systems in the brain, key for the capacity to feel calm, at ease, enjoy physical good health and longevity e) social joy and optimal activation of the brain’s PLAY and SEEKING systems, key for love of life and friendships, passion for learning and energised engagement in the world. Traumas of commission include: separation traumas, parental still face, , parental unprocessed trauma, unintentional intrusive parenting shaming discipline, witnessing or being a victim of violence, living with a frightening parent. The webinar is absolutely not about parent -bashing but on supporting parents to parent differently to how they have been parented, and on prevention and intervention, highly successful due to the brain’s neuroplasticity 

Benefits from attending: 

  • Learn about the developing brain and why it is so vulnerable to the impact of relational stress 
  • Learn how with the right relational and enriched environment, the brain can repair and develop naturally 
  • Learn how out of awareness, a parent can parent as they have been parented and how to change that 
  • Learn how to recognise traumas of omission and of commission in infant behaviours and ways of relating 
  • Take away a whole host of interventions to support positive change 


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