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Running time
Full Webinar: 1 hr 22 mins

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Presenter: Dr Margot Sunderland 


About this webinar

In this webinar the presenter will explore what we mean by emotionally healthy and emotionally unhealthy cultures. She will draw on actual examples from across Europe, not only in schools, but in youth offending institutions and prisons. She will discuss the key discernible features of any emotionally healthy culture which are the same whether in family cultures, school cultures, prison cultures or organisational or community cultures. With powerful film footage, Dr Sunderland will then describe the key features of any mentally unwell culture, showing why people in these cultures get so unwell both physically and emotionally, burn out and why violence and oppression are often rife. 

Following on from this, Dr Sunderland will focus specifically on school cultures bringing in many examples of good practice in terms of actual interventions to ensure emotional health for all. To support this, she will introduce TISUK‚Äôs Implementation checklist which is provided as key training material for this webinar. Schools can use this to ensure the wellbeing of both staff and students. In a really engaging way Dr Sunderland will go through the check list, point by point, using film footage and case material to showcase how to implement excellent practice of specific interventions.  

As human beings we can be splendid or terrible, and if children and young people are to grow up to be splendid, they really need their school to ensure that emotional wellbeing for all (staff and students) is an equal indicator for success as test scores. This webinar shows how this really can happen. Rather than school staff feeling shamed, blamed or hopeless, the webinar is designed to inspire and energise, so staff and senior leads work together to bring about an emotionally healthy whole school culture for all.