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Full Webinar: 54 mins

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Presenter: Dr Dan Hughes

Dr Dan Hughes is expert clinician, prolific writer and founder of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. In this webinar, through deeply moving and engaging examples, he demonstrates his amazing model of relating to children and young people called PACE (play acceptance curiosity and empathy). PACE brings a wonderful sense of psychological safety for even the most defended of children, meaning that profound human connection that heals can become a reality.  

For the past 20 years Dr Dan Hughes has specialised in working with children and young people who have considerable difficulty establishing and maintaining good relationships, due to the level of betrayal, trauma, abuse and neglect they have suffered. PACE has brought transformational change to so many of these children and their carers. That said, PACE is beneficial for all adult- child relationships so much so that Trauma Informed Schools UK advocate the use of PACE as vital relational policy for school staff in every school  (see

PACE is informed by strategic and structural family therapy, Ericksonian hypnotherapy (utilisation principle), psychodynamic principles, psychodrama, interventions congruent with Theraplay, and narrative work.

Benefits from attending:

  • Watch key therapeutic conversational interventions that support children and young people in distress 
  • Learn about relational change through the use of PACE (play, acceptance, curiosity, empathy)
  • Learn about attachment theory and practice in terms of relationship, emotional regulation and the capacity to reflect 
  • Learn about the power of empathy through deeply moving verbal interventions to enable a to make the shift from unbearable feelings to thinkable thoughts
  • Learn how to help children talk about their feelings and engage in meaningful conversations about their lives
  • Learn how to have a therapeutic conversation with a child and/or carer in ways that develops the capacity for mentalisation


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