Supervision for Heads of School and Senior Leads

£ 40.00 Per Person

Supervision/reflective sessions will run by Dr Coral Harper, Director of TIS, Wales and Tracy Godfroy Senior Child psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and TIS Trainer.

Effective supervision has perhaps never been more vital for educators. Currently, only 8% of educators receive any form of supervision for support of their ongoing emotional well-being. This structured group provides a space for therapeutic reflection for HTs and/or SLTs amidst all that you are currently managing. The global discourse of fear, anxiety, change and uncertainty, has compounded these challenges for educators who are already often tasked with supporting and teaching some of our most vulnerable learners on a daily basis. The emotional toll is at times overwhelming and the risk of secondary trauma and burnout is high. Group supervision can be a powerful tool in supporting your own emotional regulation and is very much part of the vision of a trauma informed community. Supervision provides the space and opportunity to talk about and consider the complexities of work based difficulties, including this current situation and the national response to a pandemic that so rapidly emerged and continues to endure and unfold. The power of connection is valued in this participatory group as a supportive, protective factor. With all that is being expected of you as you guide and lead your school setting in this current crisis, we want to support you as best we can.