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The School for Inspiring Talents is an Independent therapeutic day schools in the South West. They support families and young people aged 5-16, helping those children who do not find it easy to fit into an existing mainstream educational provision for many reasons, including a range of behavioural, emotional and educational challenges including difficulties such as sensory processing disorders, attachment disorders and those having experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

They providie the appropriate support, care, nurture and educational strategies that will allow these amazing young people to succeed in reaching for their dreams, to achieve the skills and talents that they will need to flourish in their lives, despite their challenges and difficulties, indeed sometimes because of them. The school fosters the dreams and talents of our students, parents, staff and the wider community so that these young people can have successful life chances. 

Their innovative model directly addresses their students’ unmet needs through nurture, inspiration, motivation, support and care, to enable learning through a very different educational approach. The school has created an environment that combines both special school and alternative provision in a new and innovative way.  Working in the school’s holistic way will make the most positive difference to the life chances of these young people.

“Leaders and other adults are passionate and committed to supporting the mental health of the children and young people.  The provision is enabling young people to experience success academically but fundamentally to repair and restore their mental health and wellbeing and develop positive self-esteem.” TISUK Senior Consultant

Oaktree School

Oak Tree School is a specialist provision positioned near Truro. who provide full-time specialist co-education for up to 51 children (growing to 60 this academic year) aged 7 to 16 who experience social, emotional, mental health, communication difficulties and associated challenging behaviours. The aim is to provide a structured, nurturing approach, with pupils accessing a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum to meet their significant needs. 

The key to their setting is quality relationships, with staff committed to ensuring students feel not only safe, but also valued as individuals so they are in a much better place to learn. This underpins all they do as a school. Their class sizes are very small, and this allows them to support students well, with a high staff ratio, and an incredibly personalised curriculum.

“This is a school that has the individual needs of the children at the heart of its provision. Through positive relationships, rooted in the principles of PACE, and carefully targeted interventions young people grow and develop transforming their life chances and social experiences.” TISUK Senior Consultant

Penryn Primary Academy

Penryn Primary Academy is an above-average sized school in Cornwall for children from 2-11. It serves a diverse catchment and prides itself on responding to individual children’s needs, based around a Trauma and Mental Health Informed Schools approach.  Their aim is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to enjoy their school life and to achieve their maximum potential within a supported, vibrant, whole child centred environment. It is Penryn’s belief that working closely with families is the key to success.

Mentally Healthy School Award

Holte School

Holte School care deeply for all students; for their education, and safety, their personal development and their well-being. The School value all children as individuals, nurturing their creative talents, working relentlessly to make sure that they have the highest aspirations and are motivated to flourish and succeed in everything they do.

The school believe that education is about more than just academic achievement ad work to engage and enhance all aspects of their student’s lives and in doing so help them to determine their own future, with a good understanding of the world and opportunities around them.

The school is a highly inclusive school community where every individual matters. The community that they serve is blessed with a rich diversity of languages, cultures and faiths. This is a school where students of every ethnic background, boys and girls, student with disabilities or special educational needs are celebrated and thrive equally.

Connor Downs Academy

Connor Downs Academy is situated in the village of Connor Downs and currently has 204 children on roll. Connor Downs is a very happy, inclusive and successful school. Their high standards are sustained because staff, hub councillors, parents/carers and children work together in an atmosphere of mutual trust and care, respecting the distinguishing features of the local community.

“Connor Downs is an inspirational school where children are cared for and nurtured by a team of highly trained and supportive adults. It is a school that enables children to develop within an environment that is sensorially rich, and carefully planned to support emotional well being. The value placed on the natural environment and the opportunities provided is excellent enabling children to explore the world through horticulture, animal husbandry and engaging in outdoor play. The school is calm and purposeful. Children talk with enthusiasm about the school and clearly enjoy being part of the Connor Downs family. Staff also love being part of this team and enjoy their work. The school richly deserves the Trauma Informed School Award.”

Castel Hill Infant and Junior School

“Castle Hill is a caring and nurturing school that places children at the heart of everything they do. The leadership of the school is passionate about the wellbeing of the children and is completely dedicated in its approach to the development of positive mental health. This single-minded determination has enabled them to positively transform not only the wellbeing of individual children but also the behaviour of children across the school. The school is a happy environment that supports learning though excellent relationships and a creative and engaging approach to learning. “

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