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PSHE Curriculum KS1 and KS2



Welcome to the KS1&2 Rainbow Pathway Trauma Informed PSHE resource to support schools following the Covid 19 lockdown.

Children are now returning to school and this is a crucial time to support this transition well. Life has become very different and children will need support to embrace this new normal. Children will need careful and thoughtful approaches to help them think around their experiences and express themselves.  

This Rainbow Pathway Resource- Return to School is a stand alone unit of work from a Trauma informed PSHE curriculum that is based on the Trauma Informed Models of PRRR and Panksepp's neurological systems CARE, SEEKING and PLAY. It is designed to provide some clear and detailed PSHE lessons that are based on Trauma Informed approaches to enable children to settle and feel safe again in their school environments and to help them to make sense of their experiences. It provides a foundation set of lessons, although not exhaustive but as an initial approach to guiding children through the experience they have had and other children globally due to Covid 19.