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Communication Skills and Attachment Play - The First Five Years

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This DVD is deigned to equip child professionals, teachers and parents with the tools, skills and practical ideas to support a child’s learning, brain development and social intelligence in amazing ways. The beautiful footage of adult-infant interaction throughout, is backed by the latest brain science research. All the communicative tools and attachment play games shown in the film are designed to support secure attachment and brain development, not only enriching their relationships now, but as an investment for life. Contents INTRODUCTION 1. KEY COMMUNICATION SKILLS WITH UNDERFIVES FOR SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL AND LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT What to do, what to say and how to be, to ensure the finest attunement and best possible connections. 2. THE IMPORTANCE OF ATTACHMENT PLAY IN THE EARLY YEARS: BRAIN SCIENCE, PSYCHOLOGY AND BENEFITS Learn how attachment play is vital for a child’s EQ and IQ (cognitive, emotional and social development) and to establish pro-social brain chemical systems for long term well-being. 3. ATTACHMENT PLAY IDEAS FOR BABIES A wealth of attachment play games for child professionals and parents, to engage with babies, designed to support secure attachment, brain development and social skills for life. 4. ATTACHMENT PLAY IDEAS WITH TWO TO FIVE YEAR OLDS A wealth of attachment play games for child professionals and parents to engage two to five year olds. The games support skills for life e.g. having an idea and following through to completion, knowing the exhilaration of shared ventures, sustaining mutual joy states, physical and mental co-ordination, being a good team player, creativity and imagination. 5. THE IMPORTANCE OF PHYSICAL ATTACHMENT PLAY IN THE EARLY YEARS BRAIN SCIENCE, PSYCHOLOGY ANDBENEFITS Understand how frequent physical play between adult and child can be a gift for life, developing their higher functioning brain and activating brain chemical systems key to the capacity for social joy. 6. PHYSICAL ATTACHMENT PLAY IDEAS FOR BABIES AND UNDERFIVES A wealth of ideas for physical play between adult and child for the first five years and beyond.