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DVDs produced by Dr Margot Sunderland

These films are vital resources for child professionals and parents who want to support children to thrive: communication skills, attachment play and sensory enhanced learning

Trailer for Communication Skills and Attachment
Play: The First Five Years
Trailer for Sensory Enhanced Learning and Attachment
Play: For Five to Twelve year olds

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These films have been specifically designed to empower child professionals and parents with a wealth of practical ideas, tools and techniques to support a child’s social, emotional, language and cognitive development. With adult- child footage throughout (ages 3 months to age 12), the films provide a wealth of practical interventions on how to be and what to say to engage infants and children in attachment play, proven to develop both mind and brain and to enhance confidence, social skills and learning. The underpinning neuroscientific and psychological evidence is also explained (fully referenced).

Sensory Enhanced Learning challenges the usual practice in schools which is to markedly reduce learning through play and sensory media after the early years. This ‘opinion based policy’ flies in the face of a mass scientific research studies proving that sensory breaks in the classroom and sensory-rich school environments impact positively on the higher thinking brain, markedly developing creative thinking and improving learning at any age.