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This is a guidebook to help children who: worry a lot experience the world as an unsafe place, suffer from phobias, obsessions or nightmares, are scared to tell someone that they are scared, know or have known a terrible loneliness, feel insignificant in a world of adult giants, feel defeated by life and need help in being assertive, feel so impotent that their only way to feel any potency is to be mute.

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The book is designed to enable teachers, parents and professionals to understand and acknowledge the child’s feelings and defences against those feelings and to respond effectively .The exercises, tasks and ideas for things to say and do, are specifically designed to help these children express and reflect on their feelings and address painful events in their lives, to the point of resolution and appropriate action.

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  • Publisher: Speechmark Publishing Ltd (4 Nov 2003)
  • ISBN-10:: 0863884644
  • ISBN-13:: 978-0863884641