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North 4 SLT South East SLT SouthWest 3 SLT South East SLT Worcestershire SLT South East SLT
15th & 16th June 2022 30th June & 1st July 2022 3rd & 10th Oct 2022 6th & 7th Oct 2022 7th & 8th Nov 2022 14th & 15th Nov 2022 23rd & 24th Jan 2023
South East SLT June 2022 North June SLT 2022   South East Oct SLT South West SLT Oct 2022  South East SLT Nov 2022  Worcestershire Nov SLT  South East SLT Jan 2023

We would suggest doing a course in your locality if possible to give the opportunity to form connections in your local network.


To Apply Contact:

Plymouth: info@traumainformedschools.co.uk 

Central: jill@traumainformedschools.co.uk 

Northern: julie@traumainformedschools.co.uk 

Wales: Lindsay@traumainformedschools.co.uk 

South West: Julie@traumainformedschools.co.uk 

East: Christine@traumainformedschools.co.uk