Screenshot 2020 09 01 at 12.11.00             preparing your child for the return to school                        


TIS UK Co Director Julie Harmieson talks about:

How to Support the Children of Keyworkers                                               Providing Comfort and Regulation During Social Isolation



Jill Mahon, Senior Trainer and Head of TISUK Training Devon talks about:

Supporting Parents to Talk to Children About COVID-19.             Video Activity Resources- Supporting Parents to Talk to Children About COVID-19

        Talking to children activity


Covid-19 Resources  Co Produced by Sheffield Hallam Universtiy, Trauma Informed Schools and South Yorkshire Futures-

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Zoom Safety For Parents                                                            Explaining Covid-19 to Children                                 Explaining Covid-19 to Children

   from National Online Safety                                                             Ilustrated by Axel Scheffler                                                 by Manuela Molina @MINDHEART.KIDS

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Guide to Supporting Bereaved Children                               Some Helpful Advice for Parents During the.           Supporting Children's and Our Own 

During the Lockdown from Penhaligon's Friends                   Lockdown  from Dr Lynette Rentoul                                       Wellbeing from Action for Children                                          

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 The Power of Play- Ideas from Great                    Looking After Our Lost and Found Things in the Time.         A Nurse Dotty Book

Ormond Street Hospital                                               of Coronavirus from the Australian Childhood Foundation.              from MollyWatts

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While We Can't Hug- by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar  



  Explaining face coverings to young children- Austrailian Childhood Foundation

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