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Sylvia Gurr is a UKCP (Acc.) Integrative Child Psychotherapist and Child Supervisor, supervising trainee Child Psychotherapists for the Institute of Arts in Therapy and Education where she qualified. With additional training in Dyadic Developmental Therapy, EMDR and Video Interactive Guidance.

Sylvia has worked with children, families and adults for over 30 years in a variety of different roles. She has a keen interest in the impact of Developmental, Complex Trauma and Attachments and early intervention to facilitate healing relationships for children and families, utilising creativity and the arts to support children and adults in expressing and processing what is often unspeakable. Her interest is underpinned by her life experiences, training, employment and voluntary work.

Sylvia has worked in the NHS in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services since 2013 within a variety of services for children and families. Ranging from Parent Infant Clinical Trials, Early Years, Post Adoption, Special Guardianship, Children Looked After, Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children and Care Leavers.

She has also managed school counselling services within Place2Be and worked as a psychotherapist in primary and secondary schools across Inner London. Prior to training as a Child Psychotherapist, Sylvia worked for over a decade in the Homeless Sector in hostels and outreach services across the City providing mental health services to homeless young people and adults, many of whom were Care Leavers and Refugees, experiencing the continued impact of their traumatic experiences and losses, with subsequent mental health difficulties and addictions as a means to coping with their past.

Throughout her career, in the background to her work in the UK, Sylvia is also Co-Founder and Trustee of registered charity, School for Life Romania. The charity provides special needs education, supported housing and previously community outreach for the former residents of a Neuropsychiatric Hospital for Children in Romania where the beneficiaries grew up as young children experiencing privation, neglect and developmental trauma. Here Sylvia volunteered for several years in the early 1990’s prior to co-founding the charity.

Conversationally fluent in Romanian and with regular trips to the country, Sylvia helps oversee the development of services in partnership with sister Romanian Registered Humanitarian Foundation, Scoala Pentru Viata, that she also Co-Founded and was Committee Member of until 2006, when the running of the project was handed over to Romanian colleagues.

A keen traveller, Sylvia also enjoys immersing herself in different cultures, languages and communities when possible!