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Supervision 3 Sessions
Session Number Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Session 1 27.09.2021 27.09.2021 27.09.2021  
Session 2 17.01.2022 17.01.2022 17.01.2022  
Session 3 16.05.2022 16.05.2022 16.05.2022  
Supervision 6 sessions
Session Number Group 5

Group 6

Group 7


Session 1 18.10.2021 18.10.2021 31.01.2022
Session 2 13.12.2021 13.12.2021 14.03.2022
Session 3 7.02.2022 7.02.2022 25.04.2022
Session 4 4.04.2022 04.04.2022 13.06.2022
Session 5 23.05.2022 23.5.2022 10.10.2022
Session 6 11.7.2022 11.7.2022 28.11.2022


With over 15 years’ experience in safeguarding, mental health and direct work with children and their families, Katie’s main passion is ensuring children get the best in education and care. Up until December 2020, Katie was the Assistant Principal of a large primary school, working directly with children, families and professionals. Katie’s experience leading on all aspects of safeguarding, wellbeing and pastoral care has allowed her to develop a comprehensive understanding of what children and families need and what schools can do to ensure the best outcomes.

An NSPCC Accredited Trainer and Accredited Safer Recruitment Trainer, Katie has a wide range of training skills and knowledge to support any organisation. A qualified Trauma Informed Practitioner and trainer with Trauma Informed Schools UK, Katie has a wealth of experience in trauma informed practice and safeguarding which enables her to support organisations to develop a culture of safety and support for all.

Due to Katie’s professional background in education and senior leadership, she also holds the Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) designation. Katie is also an Advanced Child Exploitation Practitioner and an Instructor for MHFA England.

As a result of her training skills and knowledge, Katie has also supported and developed training for primary, secondary and alternative provision schools, local authorities and private providers of nursery provision.

A firm believer in reflective practice and supervision, Katie trained with both Trauma Informed Schools UK and the NSPCC to support and develop a school wide approach to supervision to ensure practitioners felt supported and were working in safe and effective ways.