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Motional is Trauma-Informed Schools’ tool of choice for measuring its intervention as well as providing universal guidance and support for the wider school setting. It is based on a combination of Professor Jaak Panksepp’s research on emotional systems in the brain and Dr Margot Sunderland’s extensive research, studies and expertise in executive functional skills. It records ACE and Protective Factor scores, and gives staff a whole-brain picture of the students' mental health and wellbeing.


Motional provides an easy-to-use online tool which:

  • Assesses where a child is in terms of their mental and emotional health
  • Gives basic guidance so that some change can be made through understanding where the child is functioning from
  • Supports users with how to differentiate their relationship with the child in order to support their development
  • Provides practical activities which facilitate the development of this relationship
  • Offers a comprehensive and flexible reporting tool for tracking change over time, for both individuals and a variety of user-defined groups


assessmentSimple, useful, and instantly recognisable - our snapshot results give a whole-brain view of the child.


conversationFriendly and knowledgable support from the people who make and teach Motional